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Purpose Of This Section

I am looking for additional items for my collections and I may be interested in selling or trading periodicals like Arizona and the West, Arizona Highways, Journal of Arizona History; DeGazia items; and Chrome and Modern postcards.  I would love to communicate with others about these collections as well as your collections.

Arizona and the West:

We have a complete collection of the journal, Arizona and the West.  These are in very good condition and run from 1959 to 1986.

Arizona Highways:

We have a collection of the magazine Arizona Highways, which include the following hard-to-find issues: September 1934; February, April, May, July, September, October, November and December 1936; March, April, May, September, October and December 1937; May, June, July, August, September, October and November 1938; and 1939 to the present, except for February 1940.  Most of these are in real good condition, many in bound volumes.

DeGrazia Items:

We have a large collection of DeGrazia figurines, plates, books, magnets, videos & tapes, calendars and many miscellaneous items, including a two-of-a kind mold set showing how Goebel makes a DeGrazia figurine. Many of these items we are considering selling or trading in the future.

Journal of Arizona History:

We have a collection of the, Journal of Arizona History which started in 1960.  We have all volumes except the four volumes of 1960 and volume, 1 and 3, 1961.

Postage Stamps:

I have been collecting stamps since I was quite young.  I got interested when my Dad gave me a collection of stamps that his father, Ambrose Ely Ring had collected.  He had many letters and stamps from all over the world because he was in the mining business with ASARCO, and traveled quite a bit with the company.  While young I collected United States and World stamps.  In the 1990s I decided to trade all my world stamps and started concentrating on just United States stamps and related covers, converting as many as I could from used stamps to "mint," unused stamps.

In 2006 I completely redid all the collections and created my own album pages and presentations for my various collections.

Below are the stamp collections that I will share with you.

Arizona Covers
The History Of Arizona Through United States Postage Stamps

Postcards, Arizona:

I have been collecting Arizona postcards since the early 1990s.  I stopped for about six years, but have recently started collecting again after organizing and updating my collection.  The collection consists of over 19,316 different Arizona postcards including over 4,456 pre-1930 and white border, 2,551 real photo, 1,716 linen, 7,460 chrome and 3,113 modern postcards.  I now collect only the pre 1930, white border, real photo and linen Arizona postcards.

Below are the postcards that I will share with you.

Real Photo, Section 1, A to F
Real Photo, Section 2, G to Q
Real Photo, Section  3, R to Z
Linen, Section 1, A to F
Linen, Section 2, G to Indians
Linen, Section 3, Indian Apache to Petrified Forest
Linen, Section 4, Phoenix to Superstition Mountain
Linen, Section 5, Tempe to Z
Pre 1930, Section 1, A to C
Pre 1930, Section 2,  Bisbee, Lowell, Warren
Pre 1930, Section 3, D to F
Pre 1930, Section 4, G to part Grand Canyon
Pre 1930, Section 5, part Grand Canyon to H
Pre 1930, Section 6, I to M
Pre 1930, Section 7,  N to part Phoenix
Pre 1930, Section 8, part Phoenix to P
Pre 1930, Section 9, R to S
Pre 1930, Section 10, T to V
Pre 1930, Section 11, W to Z

Postmarks, Arizona:

I have been collecting Arizona State and Territorial postmarks since the early 1990s.  In 2006 I redid all the collections and created my own album pages and presentations for these collections.  I also traded all my State postmarks except those from Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties and a town called Arivaca.  I kept all my Territorial postmarks, but now only collect from Cochise, Santa Cruz and the original Pima County in Arizona.  I also have an Arizona Railway postmark collection.

Below are the postmark collections that I will share with you.

Arizona Railway Postmarks
State Postmarks, Volume 1
State Postmarks, Volume 2
Territorial Postmarks, Volume 1, Indexes, Information, A to G
Territorial Postmarks, Volume 2, H to K
Territorial Postmarks, Volume 2A, L to O
Territorial Postmarks, Volume 3, P to End
Territorial Postmarks, Volume 4, Cochise & Original Pima - A to E
Territorial Postmarks, Volume 5, Original Pima  - F to Z & Santa Cruz


Do you have any related documents, photos, or personal histories that you could share with us? If so, please contact:
Al Ring

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